What are Online Dance Classes?

An online dance class is a dance video that you can learn from¹.

There are three different types of Online Dance Classes:

  • Basics: These are free for members who want to learn and discover their hidden dance talents in Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz & Tap;
  • Exercises: These cover one to two counts of 8 exercises through to across-the-floor work;
  • Combinations: These are choreographed routines on a particular style with music - generally eight counts of 8 or twelve counts of 6. These routines average 60 seconds long, same as in a regular class. They are not full performance numbers and are not meant to be.

Please note that we do not offer full hour classes as you would find in a studio (e.g. full warm-up + exercises + combination). For smoother online viewing, exercises and combinations are separate videos.

All online dance classes include the following features:

  • Controls: pause, rewind and fast-forward at your own leisure;
  • Slow motion: each class is slowed down for you to easily pick up details while you learn the choreography;
  • Split screens: you can learn from a front mirrored view and a back view at the same time so as not to miss hidden details;
  • Full-screen: clear a space and really experience your class by using the full-screen capabilities;
  • Voice over: videos are accompanied by the instructor voicing over the counts or steps with the choreography;
  • Notes: written tips from the choreographer will accompany each class.

¹ A subscription is required to access Online Dance Classes.

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