How can I create a safe space to dance in?

Not everyone has access to a wide space with sprung floors. We cannot stress enough that your safety when dancing is of the upmost importance. Here are some pointers to create a safer environment when taking an online class:

  • Clear the room of furniture and objects lying around.
  • Be aware of floor surfaces and make adjustments to footwear accordingly.
    • If dancing on a surface that produces a lot of friction, avoid pivoting or turning actions on your feet as this may cause injuries to the knee and other joints
    • Avoid dancing on concrete and slippery surfaces as much as possible
  • Ensure that you have proper lighting in the area to be able to watch the class from your device and your surroundings clearly.
  • Make the necessary modifications to dance movements to suit your environment (e.g. less traveling, less jumping).
  • Avoid having pets roam around when dancing.
  • Use your best judgement!
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