Tutorial video player features

Get the most out of our video tutorials by knowing all the features of the player. Here is a run down from left to right:


  1. Play/Stop/Pause
    The keyboard shortcut to stop and start a video is the [spacebar] or [return/enter]
  2. 10-second rewind
    Jump back 10 seconds as many times as you want.
  3. Skip to the next video/view
    You can see the available angles below the player (#6 or #9), but if you just want to skip use this shortcut.
  4. Volume Control
    In most cases you won’t need to use this as you can control your audio via your computer/device or remote control (AppleTV or Chromecast*)
  5. Timecode
    This is just so you know how long the video is and where you are at any given time.
  6. Playlist (below the player)
    This list just makes life easy for everyone. When you want to jump all over the place and don’t want the hassle of using #9! Plus you always know what angle you are viewing!
  7. Section Markers
    Markers are a newer feature and are available for some combinations and warm ups only. When available, you will see little white squares on the timeline, representing the different sections within the video. Navigate through the routine faster and more efficiently.
  8. CC - Closed Captions
    These can be used for a number of reasons. Perhaps you cannot use audio where you are so in order to understand the movement better you can read what the instructor is saying. This is another of our newer features, so it may not be available on all tutorials yet.
  9. Playlist (within the player)
    This shortcut is especially useful when you are in full screen mode (#6) mode. Once you enter into the playlist mode you can select the video/angles you want to view next.
  10. Settings
    From this dropdown you can adjust your video quality settings, captions and speed control. We love the speed control option as it allows you to adjust the playback speed of any video. So if something is too slow or too fast, just bump the speed up or down and you are good to go. TIP: any time a video finishes the player will default back to 1x.
  11. Full screen
    If you want to see the classes in full HD then this mode is for you.
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